Styling Services

Wardrobe Edit 

(Instore or at home)

We are all guilty of having too many things in our wardrobe that we cant't throw out, because we might wear it one day. Prior to our session, we have a quick questionnaire for you to fill out to gain some insight into what you would like to obtain from the session. We can tailor the time to suit your needs; whether it's help to style your current wardrobe, looking for guidance fine-tuning the content or packing for travel, business or pleasure. We will advise on how to best organise and manage your clothing and accessories. We can assess and list key items that will help pull your wardrobe into a workable order!

Cost: $60 per hour for at home service, redeemable instore.

Personal Styling


After 35 years, the team at Denim Iniquity have developed a reputation for personal styling. Whether it be a one off event or occasion to seasonal wardrobes or travel, we work one-on-one instore to find a look that suits you. Along the way you may pick up tips and tricks of dressing for your body shape and accentuating your assets.  

No Cost: We have a team of stylists in store to help you. If you require out of hours service, please call us to arrange an appointment with your preferred team member!


Gift Certificates

All services are available as gift options.